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United States
I'm a guy named Joe. How do.

Writer, musician, amateur bleep maker, ginger ale connoisseur.

I'm fascinated by people and terrified by them all the same.
I loves me some glitch.

We're talkin', now!

I find it strange that we (internet users and abusers, be we bloggers/vloggers, musicians and aesthetic artists, or just the average Joe [*ziiiiiiing*] with a keyboard) speak as if we have an audience sizable enough to be worth noting, like someone, somewhere is listening. YouTube peeps with maybe 20 subs will look in the camera and comfortably speak their mind and say whatever they have on their minds, and even now, as I write this journal, I'm speaking as if I have an audience, someone waiting to hear and respond to what I have to say. I find it interesting.

But, then again, I find a lot of things interesting.

Update! (As if you care, ya' mook.) I guess my life is still moving in that interesting direction that reveals its true nature to me more and more everyday, some days more so than others. It's a season of amends around here, and many connections that I had valued with all of my impetuous heart and had once thought to be gone and beyond restoration and reconciliation are now becoming more than resentment and unresolved emotions. I have my love again, which is a delight the joy for which I cannot express here. She's a peach, and a gorgeous one at that.

[Emotional Break. WARNING.]

It's rare that one finds something which drives you not only to fruitful motivation, but overt stupidity and evident naivety as well. That's her. She pushes me to be my best and blinds me to everything that isn't her glow. It's funny, how someone who shines so brightly affects your life. *METAPHOR ALERT.* No matter where I've been and what I've done, in the dark and the light, she has been there, shining on me, however dimly; and as a result of that, she created a shadow through which I could see an exaggerated image of whatever I was doing at the time. That paranoia and standard I held myself to even in her absence is just evidence to how much she's impacted me. Now that she's back, I can relax in many ways and awaken in others. I have lost a lot of material and gained a lot. Point being, I'm happy that she's around.

I just hope I survive the ride. (She's fucking nuts.)

^ Did you see that word placement? Strategic as all get out. For effect. Bam.

Anyways, I'm done for now. I need to make some goddamn music. I just haven't had a decent idea in so long and I really need to sit down and go at it. Even though not many people watch/follow me, some do, and I kind of feel obligated to give those people something to listen to.

"[Music] is an art, and I am a master." - Thane Krios. Look it up, cuh.

Oh, and I guess I should write some more. Yaaaaay.

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